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DOTEL has been dedicated to creating an innovative and multi-functional working space, starting a new trend of work and life for now and the future, offering freelancers and minor enterprises an all-around platform where they are closely connected, efficiently share information and interact with one another. “Sharing, Experience and Emotion” is DOTEL’s brand spirit. We believe unlimited possibilities come from creativity. It brings about new interactions, experiences and feelings among people and thus creates new stories.
DOTEL provides our customers with a variety of spaces for rental, including open office seats, independent offices, meeting rooms, a shooting studio, a handcraft classroom, and a showroom. We also hold activities covering one-day front desk apprentice, hand-drip coffee workshop, various courses, lectures, product launches and after parties. DOTEL embeds creativity in all the spaces, hoping to spur more innovations in the work community. We assist our members, especially freelancers and minor businesses, selling and showcasing their products, courses and skills.